Using MPF e-service, employers and members may manage their accounts in our MPF scheme more easily.

After logging into the e-service, you can use a wide range of functions to manage your MPF account. The key ones are listed below.

For Members (including Self Employed Persons)

Online enquiry functions

  • Account Summary
  • Benefit Entitlement
  • Contribution History
  • Transaction History
  • Investment Allocation
  • Member Details
  • Fund Price
  • Other Statement / Reports
  • Ad-hoc Statement
  • Forms / Literature

Online instruction functions

  • Instruction Amendment
  • New Redirection Instruction
  • New Investment Switching Instruction
  • Update Member Details


  • SMS/Email notifications

For Employers

Online enquiry functions

  • Scheme Balance
  • Contribution Summary
  • Transaction Summary
  • Company Details
  • Member Search
  • Fund Price
  • Forms / Literature
  • Member Online Activities

Online functions relating to contributions

  • Add Employee
  • Submit Termination
  • Prepare Remittance Statement